Serendipity Restaurant Luxury Guest House Accommodation Wilderness

The Serendipity Shuttle

Request a shuttle service to and from your guest house in Wilderness. Please include a note and guesthouse name in the “Special Requests” section on the Contact Details Page when making a reservation.

We collect you with our 9-seater Shuttle bus from your accomodation in Wilderness and return you home after your dining experience. This service is charged according to the distance and will be added to your dinner bill. This service will also be used by other guests simultaneously.

When making a Restaurant Booking, please add the fact that you would like a Shuttle pickup and your Guesthouse name in the special request section of the Contact Details page.



Price List for a Return Trip to and from Your Guesthouse:


Guest House Name              Price Per Person 
Beach Villa  R                   50.00
Boardwalk  R                   25.00
Cinnamon GH  R                   25.00
Cloverleigh  R                     0.00
C-Paradys  R                   50.00
Dolphin Dunes  R                   50.00
Dune Beach Lodge  R                   50.00
Haus Um Strand  R                   50.00
Hilltop Guest House  R                  150.00
Ibitshi   Kleinkrantz  R                  100.00
Interlaken  R                   75.00
King Fisher Lodge  R                   25.00
L’Heritage Retreat  R                   75.00
Lodge on the Lake  R                   75.00
Mes Amis  R                   50.00
Mont Fleur  R                   25.00
Moontide  R                   50.00
Ocean View  R                   50.00
On the Beach  R                   50.00
Paradise Cove  R                  150.00
Peace Haven on Sea  R                   50.00
Pearl Moon Suites  R                   50.00
Pink Lodge  R                   50.00
Shining Waters  R                   50.00
Tuscany  R                   75.00
Views Hotel  R                   75.00
Wallow  R                   50.00
Waterside Lodge  R                   25.00
Whales Way  R                  75.00
Wilderness Beach Hotel  R                   50.00
Wilderness Dunes  R                   50.00
Wilderness Hotel  R                   25.00
Wilderness Manor  R                     0.00
Wilderness National Park  R                   50.00
Wilderness Waters  R                   25.00
Xanadu  R                   50.00