Serendipity Restaurant Luxury Guest House Accommodation Wilderness

House Serendipity – Luxury accommodation

Creating the best in Wilderness luxury accommodation

House Kuypers’ according to the building- and construction plans, was conceived as a future luxury accommodation guest house cum private residence. It was designed over a period of more than 18 months by Phillip and Elsabe Kuypers and a project team consisting of architects Albert Uys Farrenkothen Incorporated, structural and civil engineers Ninham Shand Incorporated, landscape architects Brink Stokes Mkhize Incorporated, quantity surveyors Ruytenberg Luitingh Franken and Robin’s Nest interior decorators.

The brief to the project teams was simple: design a guest house with unpretentious spaciousness, a sense of wellbeing, eclectic integration of the owners’ personal elements paired with modern comfort and panache.

Two inch brown paver-bricks reminiscent of the heydays of the Dutch colonies, twin staircases leading to a catwalk serving the guests’ suites; steeple fireplaces in double volume lounges visible from catwalk; multiple-pitched roofs; specially designed powder-coated enamelled aluminium glass doors and windows fitted with sound inhibiting and secure shop-front glass; prominent steeple chimneys; modern cavity walls; waterproof tanks as basement level on which upper levels will be built were specified as design and construction design features.
Luxury Guest House
Special attention was required because of the house was being built within an ecological sensitive area, adjacent to a tidal lagoon with basement partially below water level and on collapsible sands.

A Tender to construct the guest house was on 16 September 1997 awarded to Master Builders V-Kon and construction started on 1 November 1997. The construction was signed off   by the architects and quantity surveyors in July 1999 and an occupation certificate issued by the municipal authorities.

The location and site where Serendipity was constructed has been been carefully and meticulously selected to satisfy the owners’ ecological and environmental dreams of and a prime example of the country’s unique fauna and flora that will offer unforgettable views and life-long memories. Tourism resources of the Wilderness area are those natural, cultural and historical phenomena that create enjoyable or adventurous tourist experiences.